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De-define Jewelry

 "Whoever lives by meaning dies by meaning"

——Jean Baudrillard

The term "jewelry”, as well as “contemporary jewelry”, operates primarily as a linguistic instrument, facilitating the construction of a consistent empirical framework rather than functioning as a comprehensive portrayal of reality.[1] Referred to as "jewelry," it embodies collective experiences that constantly oscillate and fluctuate, revolving around concepts such as "craft," "status," "body," and "wealth".[2]

Efforts to define the parameters of jewelry are not only superfluous but also fundamentally flawed. Attempts to redefine jewelry and broaden its conceptual boundaries do not represent innovative challenges, but rather, they signify individual breakout entrenched within personal, predetermined, intrinsic, and inflexible frameworks. The prevailing historical narrative of redefining jewelry is a collective memory, reflecting fragmented personal strife.

[1] “An epistemic interpretation, on the contrary, holds that such entities or processes do not necessarily exist in any literal sense but are simply useful for organizing human experience and the results of scientific experiments–the point of an explanation is only to facilitate the construction of a consistent empirical model, not to furnish a literal description of reality.”

[2] Skinner, D. (2013). Contemporary jewelry in perspective.

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