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Flowing Enchantment

Cinema4d, Octane

The animation project titled "Flowing Enchantment" seeks to capture the captivating essence of a blue sapphire gemstone by portraying it as a dynamic centerpiece enveloped by the fluid movement of water. Through a mesmerizing display, the animation showcases the natural beauty and allure of the gemstone as the water elegantly wraps around it, creating a sense of harmony and serenity. The changing background colors further enhance the visual experience, evoking different emotions and moods to complement the jewel's enchanting presence. "Flowing Enchantment" aims to convey a profound appreciation for the inherent splendor of the blue sapphire while immersing viewers in a captivating and transformative visual journey.

This project is 3d modeled in Rhino and Cinema4d, rendered in Octane renderer.

It is a 3d work mimicking the water surrounding a sapphire.

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